Sunday, April 13, 2014

Beach Party Cupcakes

Beach Party Cupcakes

Inspired by Bakerella


1 recipe favorite cupcake recipe (I used a coconut lime cake)

1 recipe favorite cupcake frosting (another coconut lime, without the coconut flakes)

Blue decorating tint 

Blue decorating sugar

Honey Teddy Grahams

Finely Crushed Graham Crackers or Teddy Grahams

Lifesaver Gummies (innertubes)

Fruit-by-the-Foot Fruit Rollups (rafts and towels)

Airheads Xtreme Belts (rafts, towels and cut up by color for pool noodles)

Cocktail Umbrellas (beach umbrellas)

* various other candies that could be used as beach party accessories (mini gum balls as beach balls, sweedish fish, etc.)


- Bake cupcakes as directed, cool completely

- Make frosting as directed

- Mix blue decorating tint to get desired shade of blue for water

- Spread each cupcake top with desired amount of frosting (I typically don't like a lot of frosting but I did make these with a little more so the little dudes had something to stick to!)

- Use teddy grahams and candies as fun decorations - be creative

- Dip a few iced cupcakes in crushed grahams to look like sand (and a few half in the grahams for a sand and sea look!)

Original recipe can be found:

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